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On March 14th the Croatian Postal Service released four regular stamps of the Republic of Croatia into circulation. The theme of this regular edition of postage stamps is Croatian ethnographic heritage and the motifs on the stamps feature details of national folk costumes. The stamps feature details of national folk costumes from the island of Zlarin, and from the regions of Podravina, Konavle, and Istria, and their author is Orsat Franković, a designer from Zagreb. Ivo Pervan, a photographer from Split, is the author of the photos from Zlarin, Konavle, and Istria, and the photo from Podravina is the property of the Society of Original Folklore (DIF) Koprivnicaki Ivanec archive. The postage stamps will be printed as follows: 500,000 copies for Zlarin, 500,000 copies for Podravina, 250,000 copies for Konavle, and 500,000 copies for Istria. Regular stamps will be printed in sheets of 50 stamps and there will be a joint sheet with all 4 stamps that will have a circulation of 20,000 copies.

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