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In the summer, Dubrovnik’s beaches become a converging point for many visitors, lovers of the sun, sea, and good fun. Our white pebble beaches have modern equipment, and alongside a range of activities like swimming, sunbathing, and special programs, most importantly, they offer the clean sea!
The beaches of Babin Kuk – Dubrovnik President, Cava, and Copacabana, beaches at Ploče near the Old City – Banje Beach and Sveti Jakov beach, and Lapad’s small and large beaches, will allow you to relax and enjoy the sun and sea. Here, we will place emphasis on beaches and marinas in the Dubrovnik area that proudly bear the Blue Flag, an international ecological award, which confirms the highest level of beach neatness and equipment.

The Blue Flag is definitely confirmation of the cleanliness of the sea and the beach. This is an international environmental award that the Valamar Dubrovnik President beach has proudly born since 2002, and this year it has received a special award marking the fifteenth anniversary of loyalty to the Blue Flag program. Beginning this summer, the Cava beach also proudly bears the Blue Flag, as it was completely renovated last year with high standards for pleasant and comfortable facilities to enjoy sunbathing and swimming, as well as excellent design solutions, interesting decor, and the finest gastronomic menus. http://www.coral-beach-club.com/#

The Blue Flag for beaches and marinas is an international environmental program for the protection of marine and coastal environments, whose primary goal is the sustainable management of the sea and coastal land. Today, the award is the most recognized model of ecological education and informing the public when it comes to caring for the sea and coastline, especially coastal areas like beaches and marinas that face the most pressure. Also, this internationally recognized award is often a reference point for tourists when they are choosing their travel destinations.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik, Copacabana (FB Copacabana Beach Dubrovnik), is located on the Babin Kuk peninsula and has been renovated in an attractive and innovative way in order to provide visitors with a high quality of service and a more comfortable stay. Recently, the beach presented its new visual identity which was created by the Dubrovnik artist and designer Pero Mrnarević. The beach area has been given a new, artistic dimension through imaginative sculptures that interact with visitors through poetry and humour, making one’s stay at Copacabana beach truly exceptional.

However, the most popular Dubrovnik beach is Banje http://ew-dubrovnik.com/, the ˝beach with a million dollar view˝ that is loved by tourists, as well as locals, party people, newlyweds, and other visitors. During the summer Banje Beach Club offers top entertainment programs in a picturesque ambient with stunning views of the Old City.

ACCORDING TO CNN Best coast: How Croatia's Dubrovnik rules the rivieras

The author of the text at the CNN Travel web-page Anisha Shah praising Dubrovnik sais:

Those who can afford them, the French and Italian rivieras have always been unbeatable destinations for anyone in search of sun, sea, sand and style.

Or have they?
Croatia's Dubrovnik Riviera may just be better than both.
With 260 days of sunshine and one of the most eye-catching coastlines in the Med, this chic stretch of Adriatic shoreline is justifiably pulling in ever-greater visitor numbers each year.
The 20-kilometer riviera is a silhouette of dramatic emerald mountains that tumble down to inviting bays overlooking royal blue seas.
Coupled with Dubrovnik Old Town, one of the world's most photographed medieval walled cities, the region offers an alluring beach and city combo.

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Dubrovnik in seven days

Many people definitely envy you - you are on a seven-day holiday in Dubrovnik!

Forget stressful everyday life, explore, rest, bathe, walk, read, listen to music, idle...

With a pleasant Mediterranean climate, 2600 sunny days per year and protected nature, Dubrovnik offers you the opportunity to explore historical sites, museums and galleries, and to learn about the wisdom of our ancestors. Enhance your holiday with a tour of the city and its surroundings, tasting exquisite gastronomic specialities or attending sports events that will invigorate both your body and soul.

The mild climate, fortunately, enables sailing all the year round, so we recommend the Elafite Islands cruise where you can explore wooded untouched oases, and where the nature lovers can enjoy picturesque villages on the Islands of Koločep, Lopud and Šipan and the island life so unlike that in the environment where you come from.

Take a tour of Ston, visit the salt works, taste the oysters of Mali Ston Bay and explore the wine route on the Pelješac Peninsula. While on Pelješac, take a ferry from Orebić and you will reach the Island of Korčula in no time. The medieval city of Korčula is encircled with city walls. With a neat layout and rows of gothic and renaissance buildings, Korčula is the native city of Marco Polo. The city boasts the traditional knightly dances moreška, moštra and kumpanija.

The most beautiful parts of the Dubrovnik Riviera include Cavtat and Konavle. Among many reasons why one should visit this area are the unique folk costumes, good wines, smoked ham, cheese kept in oil and the story of silk.
If you are a lover of hiking, the hills of Konavle are the right choice. At the hundred-year old mill on the River Ljuta housing the Konavoski Dvori Restaurant you may also taste freshwater fish. A jeep safari and horseback riding are only some aspects of the wide-ranging tourist services offered in Konavle. If you enjoy eating - and even picking - tangerines, birds watching and archaeology, the valley of the River Neretva - the biggest one in the region - is the right place for you.

Make sure to visit the Island of Mljet, mentioned in the legends of Odysseus, St Paul, the Benedictines and the Mediterranean monk seal. With two unique seawater lakes surrounded by pine woods that reach the shore creating an atmosphere of untouched nature, the Mljet National Park is frequented by tourists the whole year round. Rent a bicycle and cycle to the woods and lake shore, or merely take a walk, smell pinewood and take a boat to the Isle of St Mary - situated in the middle of the Large Lake - and explore the 12th century Benedictine Monastery and Church.

After the excursions to its surroundings, the lovely beaches of Dubrovnik and crystal clear sea are waiting for you. Top quality hotels, superb wellness centres and more than a thousand different events throughout the year were created precisely for you and your memorable stay!