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A number of new and interesting gastronomic programs are part of this unique project of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, which will be held this year from 20-23 October 2016. The third edition of the Good Food Festival promotes creativity, offering a wealth of diverse flavours along with presentations of culinary specialties typical for our region as well as international visiting cuisines, educational programs for children, tastings of regional wines, culinary workshops, events such as ˝Dinner with a Famous Chef˝, special menus in many Dubrovnik restaurants, ˝Eat & Walk˝ culinary tours, a map of wine bars and other surprises, and the participation of local and foreign chefs. Welcome and enjoy!
Healthy food and homemade goods fair

At the healthy food and homemade goods fair you will find local, organically grown and traditionally prepared products. Take a walk to Pile, taste and buy homemade jams, honey, liqueurs, wine, cheese, ham, and other local products.

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