petak, 21. listopada 2016.

Three Golden Apples - 

Program for children as part of World Apple Day

The apple is the queen of fruits, and the saying ˝An apple a day keeps the doctor away˝ tells of its health benefits. Coming from paradise, a mythical, forbidden fruit since ancient times, it is the symbol of temptation, health, knowledge, and immortality. Ever since Adam and Eve, the apple is the most mentioned fruit in literature – remember the fairy tale of Snow White and the poisoned apple?
The fairytale about the Three Golden Apples will be told by Jasna Hled, a professional storyteller of fairytales and stories, then we will listen to stories and songs about apples prepared by students of the third grade at the Marin Getaldić primary school, and at the end we will try some sweet cakes, apple juice, and, of course, fresh, juicy apples.

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