subota, 22. listopada 2016.

New trends - ˝Passionate Raw Pleasures˝, workshop on raw food - Mihaela Devescovi, workshop leader

You often hear about raw foods, you love smoothies and salads, but you would also like to learn to prepare some other raw delicacies? Do not miss the workshop by Mihaela Devescovi,

She is the owner of the very popular web portal and author of two interesting books, ˝Sirova hrana˝ (Raw Food) and ˝Slatke strasti˝ (Sweet Passion) that contain many ˝raw˝ recipes. At Mihaela’s workshop you can learn to prepare a warm pumpkin soup with caramelized onions, almond and pumpkin gnocchi with porcini mushroom sauce, and a pink beetroot cream with chocolate sauce. Try new combinations of flavours, take note of new recipes, and prepare to be impressed with raw specialties!

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