subota, 22. listopada 2016.

˝Joie de vivre˝ of charming Graz - Presentation of tourism and gastronomy offer of the city of Graz

The second Austrian city in size and population, the Styrian capital of Graz, which is also a sister city of Dubrovnik, will present its gastronomic and tourist offer at this year's Good Food Festival in Dubrovnik.

Some typical dishes will be prepared by chefs Michael Hebenstreit from restaurant Eckstein and Milivoj Novak from the restaurant Starcke Haus. Delicious food will be accompanied by good Styrian wines along with a presentation of the tourist attractions of the city of Graz and the region of Styria.

As residents themselves like to say, Graz is a city of gourmets. The tendency of the residents of this Austrian city to enjoy food is even historically documented in the oldest book of recipes dating from 1858, which was also the first printed cookbook in Austria, written by Katharine Prato, and it includes a variety of delicious recipes. In Graz, cultural and culinary experiences are inextricably linked.

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